"Poker? We don't even know 'er!"

The very last of the Kennel Club Decks for will be available for purchase at FurtherConfusion '08 in the Dealer's Room!

Cards night has gone to the dogs, and the dogs aren't being shy. Get your paws on these boys--your favorite breeds in 54 original pinup poses, custom art by talented artists celebrating the physical form of the male anthro canine.

Interest in the deck has been quickly mounting as the dock of artists has swelled to include 20 of your favorite and up-and-coming artists, who have unleashed their talents on this new breed of portfolio. We think they're barking up the right tree, and you will too: the package so far is standing to inspection in the Gallery.

The Kennel Club is an extremely limited edition deck featuring an exclusive
collection of unique custom art, available starting at Anthrocon 2006. There
will be no presales, no reservations and no reprints, ever. Once these decks
have sold, they'll be gone for good!


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